What You Don’t Know About Paleo Diet May Shock You

What You Don’t Know About Paleo Diet May Shock You

Currently many people are talking about the paleo diet; some people also refer to it as the caveman diet. Well this may be true due to the fact that it originated from our ancient ancestors.

The problem with most of the modern diet is that it lacks a balanced supply of both macro and micro-nutrients. When your body is experiencing a deficiency in a particular nutrient, it will initiate a hunger stimulus in your brain that will cause you to eat more. Unfortunately, if you do not go on to eat the right kind of food that produces the desired nutrient, you will end up with excess and still lack what you need. Thus it is a major cause of obesity.

Vary Your Veggies –

Consume a wide variety of vegetables. It is common to just stick with one vegetable and go by a week eating only that. Since most people who adopt the paleo diet buy their food in bulk, it’s so much easier to just dump four large broccoli in the cart and walk to checkout. If you do that, you’ll be missing out the benefits that other veggies will bring you.

Another mistake is that they try to make everything about the Paleo diet and this will then put undue pressure on their body as we all naturally crave different things as some kind of treat every now and then.

These options are better than just sacrificing the eggs and getting a box of doughnuts instead. Your food choices are what really matters. That is the crux of the diet. Consuming what is on the list only and not the foods that aren’t allowed. You may easily switch to organic foods when you have the money. Choosing to buy grass fed beef when you have money is way easier than giving up a life of eating junk food.
The diet basically focuses on eating single ingredient foods such as fish, grass fed meat, goat, poultry, rabbit and a lot of other meats. You are also encouraged to consume a variety of vegetables from broccoli, carrots, cabbages, etc. Contrary to popular diets, the paleo diet also encourages the consumption of healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, grass fed butter, etc. The emphasis is on wholesome, nutritious foods that our early ancestors ate during the paleolithic era.

All of these benefits are worth considering if you want to change your eating habits and your health. The Paleo way of life is easy to adopt and can make you feel great from day one.